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We choose and play our travel teams based in order of the 3As : Attitude, Attendance, Ability

Each tryout will be staffed with a variety of LMYL coaches, as well as former LMYL coaches, local high school and college coaches and players.
We will be evaluating the following skills:

  • Active Participation: Hustle to be first in line for a drill. Hustle to the ball.

  • Takes/Applies Corrections: Coachable! Active Listening

  • Stick Skills: Catching, Throwing, Scooping, Positioning, Shooting

  • Running/Sprinting/Footwork

  • Verbal Communication

  • Plays Safely/ Understands the rules of the game appropriate to age/experience 

  • ATTITUDE: Focused listening (Example: Whistle blows= freeze! Coach speaks = listen!) Readiness to learn & try a new skill. Respect for coach, teammates & self.

There will be one team/grade level, approximately 18-21 players/team.
All travel players (except 7th & 8th grade squads) are required to participate in the LMYL House League.
 *LMYL reserves the right to change teams and team size based on necessity*



Commissioner’s Challenge:
From the moment you get this information, begin to use your non-dominant hand for every task you can: brushing your teeth or hair, eating, writing. The sport of lacrosse requires agility with both hands.
See how much strength you can build in your non-dominant hand & show us at tryouts!